JETSURF Adventure+ DFI | First SELF CHARGING Jetboard

Today we are unboxing and testing the brand new Jetsurf Adventure+ DFI 2020, the first SELF CHARGING jetboard with an ALTERNATOR, giving you up to 100 km autonomy with an extra gasoline tank.

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Disclaimer – This is my honest review. As always, a reminder, I am not affiliated with Jetsurf or any other jetboard or efoil brand, I am not paid for my reviews and I don’t receive any commissions of the sales. It’s up to you which brand you will buy, I am passionate about the jetsurfing and just trying to help the industry grow.


Our challenge is over and it’s time to tell you the truth
and the truth is I never had as much fun filming any of my videos like I had with this one.

Usually, I just go to the beach but this time we went on a true
adventure visiting a lot of cool places. So if you are looking for an
endless ride – this is a board for you.

The main problem with electric boards is that once you are out of
battery – you are done for the day. There is no way you can charge it
on the go or in your car. You have to stick with your common surf
spot or a rental place. With a board like jetsurf adventure, you can
finally go places!

And trust me carrying 2 liters of extra gasoline is not the same as
carrying 20 kilograms of extra battery.

So if you are into exploring places, going on an adventure with your
friends, be it a tent trip down the river or a long-distance coastal
exploration, then this board is for you. It can definitely take some beating, I
dropped it on the rocks, wiped out hundreds of times, it just keeps on
going, no extra charging. You can tow your friends, you can teach your
kids with jetsurf tube, you can take a tent and just get down the
river, the possibilities are truly endless.
I was also impressed that it did not leak at all when I left it on the
water for several minutes. As you know petrol boards are not
waterproof and usually leak, but not this one.

What I also loved is FCS fin, no more hassles with the screwing the
fins and you don’t really need the center fin at all with this board.
You can even ride with no fins at all which is great for shallow

This board is also much less noisy than others and I heard next year
jetsurf will reduce the noise, even more, making it sound almost like

What I did not like about this board is a weird angle of the cooling
system water stream it always gets into my face, annoying but probably
easy to fix in the future! And of course, if you are a speedster that craves some serious adrenaline rush, I’d advise you to definitely get jetsurf titanium instead.
This board is for a marathon, not a sprint.

The bottom line, jetsurf adventure is your ultimate endless summer, a
board you can take on the plane and go places. Well at least until we
get an electric board that can run for hours 🙂

Until then take care and enjoy your ride!


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