Esurf electric surfboard preview and tests – the jetboard of the future?

Today we are excited to be first to finally test Esurf – the next
generation electric surfboard from Sweden. (Don’t be confused with
inflatable Mertek Chinese board that used to have the same name eSurf
but changed it later).

A lot of people have been asking about it and saw very promising
videos on social media about it, but finally we had a chance to meet
Alexander and Esurf team to talk about this amazing board. And not
just talk but also ride it full power in different conditions
including waves & salty water!

This episode is very unusual, as we go in-depth into features and the
future of the industry.

Questions we covered:
– How is it possible to create electric jetboard so powerful but at
the same time so lightweight and small?
– The future of the industry, safety and regulations of the batteries
– Automotive standards for electric jetboard industry
– How to fly with electric surfboard? What to do?
– Real time tests in the water, waves, freestyle & jumping on Esurf
– World record – 64km/hour fastest electric jetboard on the market for
90 kg rider tracked by GPS and verified Mike. The only jetboard that
is verified and tracked in its claims.
– Safety when it comes to learning and kids riding jetboards. Esurf +
inflatable tube for kids & family fun.
– Jetboard Submarine – can a jetboard go underwater like a Seabob? Can
you duck dive under the waves? Lets find out!
and most important
– How to water your flowers if you have nothing but a jetboard in your pool?
– How to dry your hair if you have no hair-drier and just a jetboard
in your spa?

Enjoy this fun unusual episode!

The Esurf is coming in 2019 so stay tuned for more news and updates
from Alexander and his team!